In my fourth semester, our Collaborative Design Studio client was Lite Mirror. LiteMirrors are hand-made, lightweight, glassless mirrors made from a highly reflective optical film. They are shatterproof or do not break into pieces; The reflected image is a super clear high definition and amazingly brighter than glass, acrylic, or plastic mirrors. Because of their unique lightweight, shatterproof and fire-rated properties, these mirrors are perfect for gyms, dance studios, community centers, indoor riding arenas, children’s rooms, sports training, and theater. LiteMirrors are perfect anywhere you can hang a mirror. Safe and lightweight to place everywhere you can’t hang a glass mirror. 

LiteMirror wanted us to work on marketing strategies keeping into consideration their production was hand-crafted. Below are some of my ideas that were proposed to the client.

American Handcrafted

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Collaboration with American Handcrafted will help in promoting the unique handmade detailing of LiteMirror. American Handcrafted events are focused on artisan craftsmanship and design, showing both established artists representing all mediums, as well as new and up-and-coming makers from the contemporary maker movement. It is a curated marketplace where one can find the very best in North American wholesale handmade products crafted with passion and pride. Such collaborations will not only help in understanding the handmade industry but also help in promoting as the partners of the handmade society. This market is the place for galleries and specialty wholesale buyers to connect with 500 unique North American artists.   

GlassBuild America


GlassBuild America is the largest annual gathering place for the entire glass, window, and door industries in North America. Presented by the National Glass Association, now combined with the Glass Association of North America, along with association sponsors, the Window & Door Dealers Alliance, the American Architectural Manufacturers Association and the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance, and in conjunction with the industry’s leading publications – Glass Magazine and Window & Door – GlassBuild America is a comprehensive and united event. GlassBuild America attracts participants from all facets of the glass, window, and door industries.

It will be helpful for LiteMirror to attend GlassBuild America as it will help in understanding the competition coming from the mirror industry. Also, LiteMirror can build a market presence and present themselves as unique in the market, shaping and molding the mirrors according to the market needs. It is essential to study the competition as well as keep up with the trends of the mirror industry to ensure success and growth. GlassBuild America can provide a platform to LiteMirror not only to showcase but also learn about the market. 

Workshop: Distant Design School

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Students act like mascots for LiteMirror in promoting and generating business. Apart from inviting colleges to the workshop and helping them in understanding the process, we can also visit distant colleges who cannot visit the workshop in neighboring areas of Connecticut, New Jersey or New York State, and introduce LiteMirror to them as a part of a workshop process. Attending workshops can help students in putting skills into practice. One of the important reasons for attending the workshop is Networking. Through workshops, we can build a strong network with the interior design community. Educating students about mirrors and communicating the advantages of using LiteMirror can be beneficial for these students. In a way, LiteMirror can successfully communicate their message not only in nearby design schools but also in distant schools and learning communities.

Collaboration with Insurance Companies

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The unique lightweight, shatterproof, and fire-rated property of LiteMirror gives a rebate of 10% on insurances in a commercial or personal property. People using glass or acrylic mirrors probably have no idea about LiteMirror. So how might we introduce LiteMirror to the newly built properties, which can help them reduce the cost of insurance? Nobody wants to pay more when it comes to insurance. LiteMirror can collaborate with various insurance firms, this collaboration will not only help LiteMirror to increase their market but also help the insurance companies reduce the number of insurance claims for damaged glass/acrylic mirrors. Initially, LiteMirror can provide some incentives to the insurance firms, which motivates them to get more customers to use the technology of LiteMirror. We can provide insurance companies with various merchandise which can help them in explaining the technology of LiteMirror.

Floating Mirror – A Display for Exhibitions

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A unique feature of LiteMirror is that it is the most lightweight mirror one could have. This feature stands out from all the other standard mirrors. So why not let the product speak for itself by using a technology that can display a floating LiteMirror. Such floating mirror displays can be eye catchy as well as communicate the lightweight feature of the mirror without speaking for it. People always love to see something unusual when they walk into exhibitions, and this could also help in increasing the footfall at various exhibitions. The floating display can be implemented using different techniques; for example, it can be lifted with a helium-based balloon-like structure, or it can be designed to float with a magnet mechanism.

Many shoe brands, like Jordan, are already using the floating magnet display technology to create a seamless display for their viewers as well as showcase the lightweight feature of the mirror while creating an aesthetically appealing display. LiteMirror can use similar floating technology for showcasing one of its most unique features as well as enhancing the viewer’s experience in LiteMirror. Such an unusual display is always remembered by people, which creates is a powerful marketing tool.

Collaboration with Interior Design Colleges/Universities

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LiteMirror can be used for decorative as well as utility purposes in various kinds of properties. Specifically, LiteMirror is being used inside homes. Mostly, all big-scale projects are done by interior designers who extensively use mirrors for multiple purposes. Exposing the future interior designers by collaborating with interior design departments of various universities and colleges will help LiteMirror in marketing the product to form new partnerships, as well as provide a future scope of business opportunities through the students. LiteMirror can invite various interior design students and faculty to experience the process of making a LiteMirror while explaining various benefits of the mirror. Such collaborations help in connecting with the interior design industry as well as marketing the product. LiteMirror’s office is based in the New York state provides an advantage to target multiple tri-state area design institutions. Some of the most popular universities that offer internal design programs are Parsons School of Design, Pratt Institute, Fashion Institute of Technology, etc.

American Handcrafted – Collaboration with handmade societies

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Every LiteMirror is handcrafted with great detailing, which makes it a unique handmade product. Marketing the product with a tag of “Handmade in America” adds an extra value to the product. Such tags motivate people to buy a locally made product rather than buying imported products. Collaboration with various handicraft societies and participating in handcraft exhibitions would provide LiteMirror with exposure to markets that appreciate handcrafted products as well as learn from multiple areas of handcrafted products. American Handcrafted provides the platform for artisan craftsmanship and design-driven products to be showcased to buyers who understand and appreciate handmade.