Textile Design

During my Bachelor’s of Design Degree at National Institute of Fashion Technology, I designed various collections for different class projects and internships.

Graduation Project with Craftroots : The Rustic Poetry

The Rustic Poetry bedding collection is inspired by a rustic vintage look reframed with lots of browns and creams. The fresh green color is combined with muted tones to create contrast. Many rustic textures are blended with old telephones, gramophones, mirrors, post boxes, postcards, lamp posts, etc. The collection captures the soul of an original vintage beauty with fresh tints and modern motifs.

Graduation Project with Craftroots : The Vaquero Ride

The Vaquero Ride takes inspiration the American cowboy lifestyles. The blue denims and colorful madras checks create a perfect combination for the American cowboy tale. The duvet is a special hand crafted piece done in Hodka village of Kutch, Gujarat. The designs take inspiration from the day to day courses of a cowboy’s life. Elements like boots, cigar, hats, dungaree, scarfs, moustaches and the epic horses are blended with the tessellation art. The collection takes a colorful look with the essence of cowboy tales combined with tessellated motifs.

Class Project : Sustainable Design

Developed a sustainable bedding collection taking inspiration from the rich heritage of Indian Ayurveda. All the materials used a naturally dyed with herbal healing properties. Hand-crafted design techniques utilized are weaving(curtains), embroidery(shams), applique(pillows) and smocking(decorative pillow).

Internship Project with Mehera Shaw : Ajrakh

In my third year of Bachelor of Design Degree, I interned with Mehera Shaw and developed a few prints for their block printing collections based on theme; Ajrakh. I designed various prints of running yardage which was later to be converted into various products like, bags, towels, table cover, bath robs, etc. Following are a few of my many explorations and few designs that were used by studio and still selling online.

Internship Project with Mehera Shaw : Indigo Japanese Geometry

Print development for 6-yards traditional wear (sari) for women in India. Inspired by the simple line-based shapes of Japanese geometry. Created various motifs and patterns for the 6-yard sari.

Class Project : Hand Weaving

Hand woven samples made on a twelve shaft handloom. Cotton warp blended with multicolor cotton and jute weft.

Class Project : Patchwork

I hand stitched forty-five small pieces of cotton silk material into a unique patchwork cushion, making a geometric pattern influenced by Southern India’s culture.

Workshop: Creative Textiles

The assignment was to develop textiles taking inspiration from a favorite food. One of my favorite food items was Kerala Parotta in college days, so taking inspiration from the appearance, textures, layers, and the way it is prepared, I developed a few textiles using various hand-crafted techniques

Class Assignment: Paper Textures